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Mass Effect: Foundation Issue #4

Via the Mass Effect Wikia Page (click on picture for link)

At the beginning of the comic, I imagined Kaiden speaking. He tells the tale of humanity making its way through the universe, eventually ending up at Gagarin Station, the place of his biotic studies. It is essentially the background of the stories he tells you about in Mass Effect 1. Trying to be generic enough to not ruin the story, Kaiden kicks some Turian cloaca, let’s just say. In general, this was a magnificent comic.

A short book review: Star Wars: The Old Republic: Annihilation Review


Drew Karpyshyn has done it again: an amazing, all-around brilliant book. I will admit: it took me some time to read due to school getting in the way. I read half of it before I had to return it to the library (around a month). However, when I finally found a copy in a store, I seized it and began reading. Had the other half of the book finished in one. day. It is so addictive and hard to put down.

Most of the characters are well-developed. It gives insight into Satele Shan, a major character in the MMORPG. As the Grand Master, Satele becomes pregnant with the Supreme Commander ‘s (also known as Jace), son, Theron Shan. She hides it from both of them for 20-something years. The added family drama that some people can relate to adds that element of surprise when both Satele and Jace begin recalling sweet and sour memories of their forbidden past. For Theron, however, he couldn’t care less.

I said “most characters” for a reason: there is one character I have a problem with. Teff’ith is essentially the Twi’lek “sister” to Theron. Although it is apparent at the end that their relationship is merely on a “sibling” level, not much is explained of the Twi’lek’s history, especially with Theron’s makeshift father, Jedi Master Ngani Zho. Zho apparently saved Teff’ith’s life, but not much is explained as far as Theron’s and Zho’s relationship with her. For most of the book, I believed that Theron and Teff’ith had a love history, but Theron denies it later in the book. I haven’t read the comics, and it apparently explains their history in more detail, though I don’t want to spoil it for myself or you guys.

Hence, Karpyshyn has written another masterpiece. Absolutely fabulous. If only he could write expansions of SWTOR MMORPG or any other game. Brilliant. Amazing. Phenomenal. -end fan girl-