Mass Effect: Foundation Issue #4

Via the Mass Effect Wikia Page (click on picture for link)

At the beginning of the comic, I imagined Kaiden speaking. He tells the tale of humanity making its way through the universe, eventually ending up at Gagarin Station, the place of his biotic studies. It is essentially the background of the stories he tells you about in Mass Effect 1. Trying to be generic enough to not ruin the story, Kaiden kicks some Turian cloaca, let’s just say. In general, this was a magnificent comic.


Mass Effect: Foundation Issue #3

Mass Effect: Foundation Issue #3 via Dark Horse Comics


The third issue of Mass Effect: Foundation did not disappoint (no matter how much I hate Ashley Williams). Yes, I said it: she is in this issue. This story continues #2 in that it is slowly introduces Commander Shepard’s squad mates, one by one. Ashley Williams is the prime squad mate for this issue, as Wrex was the one for the last issue.

This issue gives insight into the moments right before Shepard comes upon Williams in ME1. It outlines the attack on the “Dog Squad” by the Geth. One by one, Williams’ squad gets annihilated, with Shepard coming just in time for Williams.

Of course, Rasa and Cerberus is up to no good the whole time.They are investigating the first Reaper that touched down on Eden Prime during the events of ME1. And naturally, they become interested in Commander Shepard.

Amazing, as always. The artwork is gorgeous and the story provides background information for Ashley Williams prior to the meeting with Commander Shepard (aside from the conversations you have with her during ME1). I highly suggest following this series.