Mass Effect: Foundation Issue #4

Via the Mass Effect Wikia Page (click on picture for link)

At the beginning of the comic, I imagined Kaiden speaking. He tells the tale of humanity making its way through the universe, eventually ending up at Gagarin Station, the place of his biotic studies. It is essentially the background of the stories he tells you about in Mass Effect 1. Trying to be generic enough to not ruin the story, Kaiden kicks some Turian cloaca, let’s just say. In general, this was a magnificent comic.


Mass Effect: Foundation Issue #3

Mass Effect: Foundation Issue #3 via Dark Horse Comics


The third issue of Mass Effect: Foundation did not disappoint (no matter how much I hate Ashley Williams). Yes, I said it: she is in this issue. This story continues #2 in that it is slowly introduces Commander Shepard’s squad mates, one by one. Ashley Williams is the prime squad mate for this issue, as Wrex was the one for the last issue.

This issue gives insight into the moments right before Shepard comes upon Williams in ME1. It outlines the attack on the “Dog Squad” by the Geth. One by one, Williams’ squad gets annihilated, with Shepard coming just in time for Williams.

Of course, Rasa and Cerberus is up to no good the whole time.They are investigating the first Reaper that touched down on Eden Prime during the events of ME1. And naturally, they become interested in Commander Shepard.

Amazing, as always. The artwork is gorgeous and the story provides background information for Ashley Williams prior to the meeting with Commander Shepard (aside from the conversations you have with her during ME1). I highly suggest following this series.

The Mass Effect Characters I Have Managed to Romance

I’ve been gushing about my favorites of Mass Effect 3 lately… i.e. Legion. I want to focus on an element in the Mass Effect games which adds an amazing layer: romance. Although the Mass Effect games are brilliant on their own, they would not be the same without being able to romance someone. I mean, who wouldn’t want to get in bed with an alien? Am I right? Am I?

As female Shepard, you’re more limited in your romance options it seems like, but they’re pretty good choices. On my first play through of Mass Effect 3, I made sure that I romanced Kaiden in ME1 and didn’t cheat on him in ME2. But that was only after several play throughs of ME2. My very very first play through of ME2, I romanced Thane. And that made me hate humanity.


“Thane… be alive with me tonight.”

Romancing Thane made me hate humanity in general because of several reasons. The first would have to be we can’t quit our bickering long enough to be able to set foot off of Earth and establish a colony. Next, we don’t want to put forth the effort or money. Lastly, ethics are involved although at some point, the Sun will start to die and we have to get out of the solar system. So it’s coming eventually.

Now how is this related to Mass Effect or Thane? Well, for one, Thane is a very complex character in Mass Effect. He is a hurting soul. He lost his wife, which was his fault and he could not really forgive himself for it. He is such a caring individual, despite his assassin background. To add on top of that, he is dying. He is trying to live his life with the least amount of regrets possible, which included finding and rescuing his son, Kolyat. I honestly believe that you cannot find someone like that on Earth, in humanity. I did not carry this romance into ME3 since Thane dies.

Now that I’m done hating on humanity in general, there is one human who, although you don’t have the romance option for him, I wish I could romance him in game. Given, it would be quite awkward since… he’s… somewhat disabled? Yes, it’s Joker. In ME3 you get the chance to make a pass at him if you’re female, but he denies it regardless. He wants EDI’s goodies instead. Oh well, a girl can dream.

Well now, back to Kaiden. Kaiden was okay in ME1 as a romance partner, but he is kind of a pansy. And he pissed me off in ME2 with his rudeness on Horizon. That’s why I cheated on his ass with Thane, Jacob, Garrus, and in my mind, Joker and Legion (muwahahaha). Moving to ME3. After about 5 or 6 playthroughs of ME2, the most recent one I did not romance anyone so I could unlock the scene of Shepard looking at the picture of Kaiden on my desk so I could eff him faithfully in ME3. So in ME3, you reconcile with him after the whole Horizon event when he almost dies on Mars. Okay sure whatever. But after all that, he just becomes goobery and pansy like. I just didn’t care for his romance option that much.

I also romanced Garrus in ME2 and carried it on to ME3. That was a pretty awesome romance. He’s awkward but he’s romantic. In ME2, he’s very awkward. But you end up making a bond with him, virtually and in real life. He’s just an all around good character, whether as a friend or as a romantic partner.

Your, uh, hair looks… good, and your waist is… very… supportive.

The last conversation with him made me cry… it was just so adorable. He speaks about human-turian babies… awww.

These are all the characters I have romanced in Mass Effect. Some are better than others… at least story wise. However, I much prefer the alien romances to human ones since it is something so unknown to humanity presently. Does romance among alien species work the same way it does for humanity? What would it be like to be close with an alien? There are just so many questions, and Mass Effect does a good job on both leaving you hanging and answering them.